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Are These Mistakes Costing You Bookings?

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About The Ebook

When you bought your holiday house, you had grand visions.
An investment which could bring in some cash as a rental.
But now you’ve discovered that renting out your house isn’t as simple as you thought.
Most importantly, you need to get bookings!
In an effort to get more bookings, you have listed your home on a variety of third-party websites, but did you know these might be costing your bookings?

In this free eBook you'll learn:

Common mistakes that cost homeowners bookings.
How to avoid these mistakes.
Tips and tricks guaranteed to bring you more bookings.
What software and tools will assist with additional booking.


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What People Have Said About Rezobx

"Customers can go online to make a booking and it automatically places bookings into the beds and rooms. We are always very busy and it saves me so much time because I don't have to double enter. I couldn't live without it."
Iain McTavish: Coolangatta Sands (Backpackers)
"Thank you for your assistance. In particular to your Sales and Customer Service team, including your tech team member that setup our website book now button, were very prompt, friendly and professional."
Jeff & Eryl: Brookfield Maze
 (Holiday Home)
"Rezobx it easy to use. A necessary and great tool to have, especially on your website! It's great getting your money directly into your bank account"
Melanie Dutton: Kookaburra Ridge Quad Tours




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